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Building Blocks & COVID-19: Chartering the Unknown

By Stephanie Peterson

To say that the events of this year have been unexpected would be an understatement.

There have been many challenges and difficulties to overcome due to COVID-19 in order to reopen Grace Chapel's sister ministry, Building Blocks Child Center. The team at Building Blocks has risen to the occasion and continue to provide the excellent care that parents have become accustomed to. There are extra staff members around during the day who clean and sanitize the classrooms, toys, playground, and other facilities and supplies. All teachers and staff are now required to wear masks during the day— while it isn't easy, they gracefully comply, putting the well-being of their students above all else. The kiddos have also adapted well to the requirement of wearing masks— they still exude the same energy and happiness while playing with their peers!

Everyone at Building Blocks is greatly appreciative of parents’ willingness to adapt to these changes. As Co-Director Alexis Spence-Locke said, “I appreciate the love, support, and patience our families have shown us as we charter the unknown. I also feel blessed that parents have and continue to choose us for care. I hope to not only meet, but exceed, their expectations.”

Building Blocks is truly like a family rather than just a place to work. Everyone has worked together wonderfully to keep things running smoothly and they’ve been able to maintain a positive attitude while doing so. While we don’t know where the rest of this year will take us, we do know that Building Blocks will continue to hold fast to their dedication to excellence, whatever challenges may arise.

...and WE'RE HIRING!

We are currently seeking to fill multiple Assistant Teacher positions. To read the job description and/or to apply, click here.

We are looking to add committed, long-term members to our team. If you know someone who loves working with children and has a passion for learning, please share this with them. We're very excited to build our Building Blocks team!

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