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A new Grace Chapel ministry. Sort of.

Today, everything can be done online: banking, getting a degree, grocery shopping, virtual doctor appointments. But what about ministry? Here at Grace Chapel, we fully believe that change best happens in community, but there's no reason that community can't be grown online after our services are over!

We learn so much from our pastors through their teachings of the Gospel each weekend, but what happens when we hit a snag during the week? A challenging coworker, a situation that doesn't go our way, family problems, temptations or habits— the list can go on. We can all use a reminder of God's grace and never-ending love when life begins to feel like an uphill battle. That's why we created GraceNotes.

We decided on the name GraceNotes as a fun play on words. What is a grace note? Used in music, grace notes are extra notes added as an embellishment, but not necessary for a complete melody. The song would be fine on its own, but a grace note adds something interesting— a moment of beauty. In much the same way, the teachings we hear each weekend comprise the melody of our spiritual lives. While these teachings are essential to our spiritual growth, we can always dig a little deeper and discover some extra grace that God wants to bestow upon us.

We will feature short articles from some familiar Grace Chapel faces as well as others you may not know... yet. Our goal isn't to replace weekend teachings, but to enrich them— providing more information on topics in faith, along with pick-me-ups on issues that apply to all of us in our walk with Christ. (Missed a service? Listen online!) If you've ever experienced one our services, you know we like to have fun here— so, of course, there will also be lighthearted articles on family topics, growing your faith, and more.

We hope that the stories we will share add a little extra blessing to your life. Stay tuned as the new year approaches, we have lots in store to share with you. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest GraceNotes posts!


How to forgive someone who emotionally cheated! But doesn’t feel as though he did!


This is a wonderful idea, it can be accessed at any time!


Jony Ratnam
Jony Ratnam
Oct 21, 2019

This is such an amazing step to move closer together towards one goal...fellowship in Christ! Thank you GCC!

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