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The Joys of Serving, Being Served, and Giving

By Pastor Aaron Lego

This past week, many of you filled a bucket with household supplies and/or bought gifts for local children and families. Thank you! We love hearing how fun and meaningful this is. A small act but the impact is far reaching, and our lobby is so full we can barely walk (or hobble in a boot on crutches if you're me)!

This is exactly what we learned this weekend— that we will be blessed if we do this. What is this? Serving God by loving and serving others.

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

When you have the opportunity to serve others by giving your time or resources, you feel so great about it that you can hardly believe it! Have you ever seen this in your own life? The impact that our efforts make go further than we can ever imagine. Generosity changes lives: our lives and the lives of the people we are reaching. Before this year ends, there are a few ways for you to take a Next Step to serve and give:

Generously give your time and talents!

  • If you already serve, invite and challenge someone to SERVE right along with you in Guest Services, Hospitality, NextGen, Cares Ministry or in one of our many other areas!

  • If you aren’t yet serving but want to learn more about getting involved, come to our Serve Team Fair this Wednesday (Dec. 4) at 6:30 PM in the Café.

  • Regardless, plan to get involved in 2020! There is a Next Step for you: Alpha starts Wed., Jan. 15th at 6 PM and Financial Peace starts Mon., Feb. 3rd at 6 PM.

  • We are also offering several other Group Studies to help us learn, grow, and be together in the New Year!

Keep an eye on our website, app, social media, or our texts for more info. To receive text messages, click here and follow the prompts. We occasionally send out church wide updates and other updates in areas that you get to choose.

Experience the joy of giving through a financial gift.

Every week, we at Grace Chapel have the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus. Your generosity enables us to help more and more people experience a life-changing relationship with Him.

There is still time to make a difference this year! Whether you are new to giving or already support your church, please consider making a year-end donation to help support all of the ongoing efforts planned in 2019 and upcoming in 2020. There are 4 easy ways to give:

  • Make a secure, one-time donation or setup a recurring donation online:

  • Donate through the Grace Chapel App via the “Give” tab.

  • Mail a donation to the church at 4075 Lamor Rd., Hermitage PA 16148.

  • Simply drop in a donation basket during services or in any giving box throughout the week.

Donations can be made via check, cash, major credit/debit cards, or online check via our website and app. All donations are tax deductible, and more importantly, each financial gift makes an impact in your Church and community!

Thank you one and all. It is truly a pleasure to serve Christ and one another together here at Grace Chapel Community Church. We look forward to sharing the upcoming Christmas season with you!

In Christ,

Pastor Aaron Lego


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