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Making the Most of Mother's Day

By Brittany Sammartino • Graphics & Communications Director

While we should cherish our moms every day, on Mother’s Day we like to dish out a little extra love on a day just for her. We flock to restaurants for a special meal with mom or treat her to a day at the spa or another activity she enjoys. With this year’s unique circumstances, it may seem impossible to celebrate these special women in our lives. We may be apart from our moms, grandmas, aunts, and other mother figures making celebrating her feel next to impossible. But Mother’s Day isn’t canceled! The whole sentiment of Mother’s Day is all about honoring her and showing your appreciation— which you can do from anywhere, thanks in part to today’s technology.

With a little extra thought and creativity, you can give her the day she deserves, especially in these times!

Whether you and mom live together or are miles apart, here are some unique things you can do to show your love this year:

1. Give her breakfast in bed (…or yummy lunch or dessert!)

This one may seem like a given on Mother’s Day, but with today’s social distancing regulations we can’t all be at mom’s bedside to serve her breakfast. Thankfully, the majority of our local restaurants are now offering takeout options (Hickory Grille, DiLorenzo’s, Muscarella’s, Yumberries, Toss'd and others!). If you can’t be there to prep a fresh cup of coffee and some hot breakfast, drop it off at her door as a surprise! If your favorite spot won’t be open on Mother’s Day, plan ahead— put in an order for her favorite breakfast, lunch, bakery items, or sweet dessert and deliver it to her door! Muscarella’s and Toss'd are offering special Mother’s Day menus, DiLorenzo’s has "mom-style" cut-out cookies and $10 off 10-inch New York cheesecakes this week, and Yumberries is offering 10% off pies for mom this Saturday.

If you can be at mom’s bedside in the morning, try out a new recipe and serve it with a handwritten note of appreciation! Maybe try your hand at strawberry pancakes or a sausage, egg, and cheese scramble.

2. Learn a new craft or skill

Has mom been wanting to learn to paint, make macarons, fold origami, learn to arrange fresh flowers, or something else? Thanks to the internet you can learn how to do almost anything if you have time, which is something most of us have a bit more of these days. If there is something mom has been talking about learning, do a little research. Find an online tutorial and deliver her the necessary supplies! You can even participate with her— in person or virtually. Skype or Facetime her to join in learning something new together.

3. Decorate or spruce up her front door or yard

Is social distancing keeping you from visiting with mom at her house this year? You can still spruce up her door, front porch, or yard. Hang a colorful wreath or floral basket (handmade is a bonus!), plant some flowers, weed the yard, wash down the lawn furniture— there are many options.

Extra points if you can pull this off without her knowing; give her a call once you’re done and have her look outside for a surprise!

4. Watch a movie together

Narrow it down to a list of a few movies you know she’d like and let her choose! Simply watching a movie together and chit chatting gives mom a couple hours of quality time that she may very well need during a stressful time. There are tons of gourmet popcorn recipes online so you can make a treat for you both!

This one may seem difficult if you aren’t able to be together— but again, enter today’s tech! Thanks to Skype and Facetime, you can watch the same movie together from anywhere in the world via streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Perhaps purchase a subscription to an online streaming service for her and teach her how to use it to watch a movie with you!

We recognize that for some, Mother’s Day may be especially difficult this year as we are being kept apart from loved ones in nursing homes.

But you can still offer a bit of sunshine even though you can’t visit in person! Check with the facility’s staff to see if they can help you do something special for mom this year: visit her through a window in the facility, have the staff prepare a special meal, offer her a unique activity— something you know she’ll love, have flowers and balloons delivered, get her a special care package, see if they’ll allow her grandkids to paint the outside of her window, or display their artwork and cards inside her room (each facility is approaching this unique time differently, be sure to check on what they will allow when planning!).

This year, we may not get to plan fancy brunches or dinners out, give mom a relaxing spa day, or have a family get-together in our homes, but we can still show her that she holds a special place in our heart— which is truly the meaning behind Mother’s Day.

Also, moms, more than anyone, would just love to go to church with you on Mother's Day! Join us Sunday morning live at 10 AM on Facebook & YouTube— watch it together with mom or send her the link so you can tune in together.

Happy Mother’s Day, Grace Chapel moms!❣️


Brittany Sammartino is the Graphics & Communications Director at Grace Chapel. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, is wife to an Air Force reservist, loves traveling, spending time with family & friends, interior decorating, and completing DIY projects with her husband.


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