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#ThrowbackThursday: Golden Crowns

Forward by Grace Chapel • Review by Makenna Miller

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since we rang in 2020 and Grace Chapel has seen many new faces this year! This is one of our favorite things— reaching new people and seeing them join the Grace family. If you’ve joined us since the Christmas season, we’d love to say “Welcome!” and we hope you’ve been able to find a place to jump in and feel at home (if not, check out our Group Life offerings!). We have an exciting 2020 planned and we can’t wait to share your journey of faith with you.

A large part of the faith journey here at Grace includes the group we like to call our “Next Gen”— which includes all of the kiddos in Grace Kids along with the Jr. & Sr. High students of Grace Chapel Youth (GCY). We offer a large variety of activities and events for our Next Gen, including our upcoming classes of First Communion for Grace Kids in grades 2-6 and My Faith Confirmed for GCY students.

Here at Grace, we believe these classes lay the foundation to our children’s faith journeys.

As part of the 2019 Christmas season, we presented the “Golden Crowns”— a play featuring students from Grace Kids and GCY. This Throwback Thursday, Makenna Miller, a GCY student, recaps the hilarious Christmas play written and produced at Grace that transformed our chapel into a red carpet extravaganza!

"Golden Crowns" - Golden Review

With the holiday season comes a long list of things to do. Finish buying and wrapping gifts, cook the food, clean for guests, or get ready to travel. It’s a stressful time of year. Fortunately, some of us were able to take a break this past holiday season to watch the wonderful “Golden Crowns” performance put on by the youth of our church.

The performance followed the story of the nominees for the “King of Christmas” award. The audience was introduced to traditionally expected nominees, such as Santa’s reindeer and elves, Christmas angels, the Three Wise Men, and Mary and Joseph. There were a few unexpected nominees as well, such as the UPS driver, retail worker, Salvation Army bell ringer, Christmas ballerina, Hallmark Movie, and even a Christmas tree! Of course, we can’t forget about Mom, who passed her homemade cookies out to the audience members, or the Pastors and Executive Director of Grace Chapel themselves. With so many nominees it was difficult to decide who would win the award, but eventually, after a little trial and error, everyone realized the real “King of Christmas” was Jesus himself. He came down to Earth as an innocent babe, ready to love us and die for our sins, making him not only the “King of Christmas”, but the King of Kings!

The message behind the Golden Crowns performance was not the only spectacular part about it. Witty screenwriting made the audience shake with laughter in reference to pop culture events, community to-do’s, and Grace Chapel inside jokes. Additionally, several beautiful songs were performed by the LiFT band and Grace Kids members throughout the service and performance. When taking all of this into account, it’s safe to say that the Golden Crowns performance was one of the golden highlights of our church’s holiday season.


Makenna Miller is a member at Grace Chapel. She is currently a senior at Hickory High School, president of the Students Against Destructive Decisions club, and is hoping to pursue a degree in writing after high school. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and pets.


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