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Update on Current Events

By Aaron Lego & Merry-Jo Holder • Lead Pastor & Executive Director

Dear Friends:

We are writing to update you on what Grace Chapel and Building Blocks currently have planned in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) health situation and media coverage. We take this evolving situation seriously. Simultaneously, we take seriously our commitment to serving you in our church community and in your childcare needs. It is not our plan as of now to reduce care or services in any way. However; we will respond to any local, state, or federal instructions in an appropriate and timely manner.

Monitoring CDC Updates


Both Grace Chapel and Building Blocks Child Care Center will continue to monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Pennsylvania, and local authorities and school districts in order to serve our church and childcare center families in a safe manner.



Grace Chapel and our sister organization Building Blocks Child Care Center make sure our shared environment is cleaned and maintained daily to meet the standards you are all used to enjoying. During this current time, we are adding additional precautionary steps to continue having a safe and healthy environment for all to gather, worship and learn together. Besides the day-to-day cleaning of the church, extra efforts to disinfect doors, furniture, toys, and all surfaces are already being instituted.

Greeting and Contact

- When you attend Grace Chapel or Building Blocks, you experience a friendly atmosphere where people shake hands and you often see people hugging one another. In the past few years during normal cold and flu season, you have seen us ask you to “elbow bump” “fist bump” or “just wave” when we greet each other. We would encourage all of us to be sensitive to the current health concerns by greeting each other with WAVES AND SMILES! We have placed extra hand sanitizer bottles around, should you desire an additional hand washing on your way in or out.



We consider it a privilege to serve you, and want to be sure that you are in the know of your church and/or child care center. Should we need to adjust any of our care and services, we will notify you using our websites, Grace Chapel app, social media accounts, email and/or through text message.

Last weekend at Grace Chapel, our worship and teaching reflected the power and authority of Jesus. This is where we are learning to put our trust and faith.

It can be difficult to stay focused on His authority and power when information, updates, and alarming news keep coming. If this fear and anxiety is something that you are struggling with, we suggest that you moderate your media intake, and if we can be of help, please call us at (724) 962-5000. If you find yourself not feeling well, we encourage you to remain at home, contact a healthcare professional if necessary, and stay connected with us via social media or our app. We post all weekend messages by the following Monday or Tuesday following the weekend.

Let’s all pray for those affected near and far as this health situation continues to develop. On behalf of the staff and Elder Board, we appreciate your care and concern for all involved. Thank you for helping to keep our families healthy.


Aaron Lego

Lead Pastor


Merry-Jo Holder

Executive Director

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