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A place to growin your faith, discuss how God is working in your life & find practical application of His Word.

FALL 2023

Explore 7 Bible studies in Galatians!

Join Timothy Keller in this study on Galatians, where he will walk through how we can apply the lessons of the gospel to every aspect of our lives. 

Think carefully about your beliefs as you dive into Ephesians.

Discover how theology and applied living go hand in hand.

Have you ever thought you are not able or qualified enough to lead others?

This study will be centered around the book of Nehemiah and we will cover five areas  to "fill your leadership cup": Position to Care, Faith to Trust God, Challenged to Grow, Equipped to Lead, and Ready to Empower.


You deserve to stop suffering because of what other people have done to you.

Discover how to move on, make peace with painful memories, and create a life that's beautiful again. 


There is life after loss.

Join others dealing with grief in an environment centered on faith. 

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