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In Christ Alone

By Courtney Getway • Grace Chapel Next Gen Assistant

I find so much peace and calmness when I put my thoughts into words.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to talk. But, when it’s time to really make sense of all the thoughts that go on up in my head and get a grasp on what’s going on around me, I try to put it into words with God’s help. To be honest, I’m not sure what is going on right now. But I know, trust, and believe in who does!

Right now, our world is very uncertain. We continue to hear about another case or that something else has shut down— it is constantly changing. With all of that comes fear and anxious thoughts. If you are anything like me, those thoughts may sound a bit like this, “What is going to close next?”, “How long do I have to stay in my house for?”, “Wait, they really mean I shouldn't hang out with my friends?”, “So now I can’t take that test just yet that I’ve been studying for?”, “I miss how life was a week ago...”. I can go on and on. Everything going on around us is a surprise and challenge. We probably did not think that things would get this intense this fast. At least I didn’t.

Here are some lyrics to a song mash-up by Caleb and Kelsey. These lyrics have been running through my head not only during this, but anytime I’m feeling anxious, worried, or have fear of the unknown. This song brings me back down. The song starts like this:

“In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song. This cornerstone, this solid ground. Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.”

I don’t know about you, but when I’m faced with challenges, sometimes I feel like I could have seen them coming, and other times they are a complete surprise. But this song, these two songs put together, always release any anxious or worried thoughts or fear of the unknown. Because this is the truth: God does not get surprised by things.

A funny example is— you know when you are trying to surprise someone and somehow, they already know about it? To us, it was a surprise, but to them it wasn’t because they already knew about it!? That’s God! In times of uncertainty and challenges, we need to cling to God, because He has already seen it all. He knows what tomorrow holds, next week, next month, next year! It’s in these times that we have set our eyes on Jesus and know that none of what is happening around us is a surprise to Him. When the rest of the world is reacting and scared, let’s be the people who shine our light brighter than ever before onto others and share where our strength comes from. We believe in a God who has calmed the raging seas and I believe with all my heart that He will calm all of this too. When things seem impossible to us, God is working for our good.

We may feel stuck right now because we are unable to go about our lives, but use this time to share God’s word with someone, share the hope of Jesus, and the light that God has put in you. When others ask you where your strength comes from during these times, tell them “It’s from God!” But also, take this time and dig into God’s word. Spend time talking to Him and listening to Him. It may be a time of uncertainty in the world, but you can be certain that God is going to use it to grow you!

Courtney Getway

Next Gen Assistant

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Courtney , thanks so very very much for sharing ur faith , hope, understanding , the song are great i love music and how we can communicate through through words of music , I feel so blessed to b part of Grace church , I really wished I could tell u how much better u made me feel , God love us all at a time like this and always , luv u

Gary Bedell

Sat night service

Me gusta
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